About Membership

SGTech’s members range from innovative start-ups, vibrant small and medium-sized enterprises to top multinational corporations that leverage technology as a core driver of their business.

We are committed to the holistic growth of the Singapore technology industry. We support our members through a wide range of business, professional and market development, business intelligence, business matching, business and technology updates, and other programmes to thrive in this dynamic industry.

SGTech's excellent network of local, regional and international contacts helps facilitate these goals. Furthermore, SGTech Chapters support the focussed development of growing and emerging industry segments.

6 Reasons to Join SGTech

Technology Marketing where we support the branding and promotion of members' new solutions through tradeshows.
Networking where we create opportunities for members to interact and build their business contacts. This includes international networking through our links with WITSA, ASOCIO and other international infocomm bodies.
Participation in Overseas Business Missions where we help members expand into the region, including emerging markets such as China, Indo China and India.
Business Intelligence where we organise surveys, seminars, forums to share market trends, industry directions and technological developments.
Education where we enhance members' knowledge and facilitate organisational capability development through industry briefings and talks.
Representation of members' needs where we aggregate and articulate industry interests to the government and relevant industry bodies, as well as through the press and public forums.

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